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We are very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Ina Hapke. Both my husband and I have worked with Ina since August of 2013. Her guidance in the procurement of our Condominium was invaluable. We found her easy to work with and a personable individual. For over a year our communication was via email, she not only sent us links to available properties but let us know a little about her and the locality.

When we arrived in September of 2014 we were impressed with her knowledge of the real estate business and her willingness to work with us. She was prompt and showed us listings of properties that stayed with in the parameters of our request, not wasting our time showing us properties too expensive, too big or small, she also gave us the space to go out and explore properties on our own. She also took the time to give us general information on the best restaurants, where to shop for food, car rentals and the best stores in town, generally treating us as friends as well as clients, which made the entire experience less stressful. She carried out her responsibilities in a timely manner, a rear quality in today’s world.

In closing, we would like to say the experience of working with Ina Hapke, a real estate agent at Juan Perdomo, Century 21 Sosua, Dominican Republic was positive and pleasant. We have since purchased our condominium over a year ago and are very pleased with the out come.

You may reach me via email at maggieaerobic@embarqmail.com or by phone, 1 434 985-3403, I will be happy to provide additional information or answer any questions if needed.


Maggie Herron-Schmidt
Virginia, USA

I'd like to take a few minutes to tell you about my experience with Juan Perdomo Century 21 and more particularly with Martin Haase.


For a number of years I had toyed with the possibility of buying a second home somewhere in the Caribbean. While on vacation near Cabarete, I decided to look for some basic information on real estate in the DR. I sent an E-Mail to Juan Perdomo Century 21 to see what I could find out. I was expecting to get a stock E-Mail response and what I got instead was an E-Mail from Martin Haase asking what he could do to help me. The next day Martin came to see me at my hotel. Even though I had told him I was not interested in buying at that time, Martin took well over an hour of his time to give me a tutorial on real estate in the DR. He briefed me on the ins and outs of making a purchase, my legal standing as a property owner, what I could expect to find at various price points as well as the many attractions of the North Coast. I came away from that meeting convinced that I was dealing with a professional agent representing a professional firm and, that if I dealt with them, I would be in good hands.


One year later it was time to act. I wrote Martin with a very general description of what I was looking for and a price range. I came down two weeks later and we started a week-long search. We went from Puerto Plata to Cabarete and beyond. We looked at casas and condos, town homes and country-side properties. I was complicating Martin's efforts as my view of an ideal "island home" was changing as we were looking. Martin went through it all with professionalism, humor and grace helping me zero in on what I really wanted. There was no rush and there was no pressure. Martin stayed religiously within my price range and ultimately found me the right place. Martin worked with me through the offer, acceptance and purchase process; making it all quite painless. He provided invaluable advice and assistance on everything from automobile and banking issues to the locations of a good butcher shop and bakery. Martin's support doesn't stop with the sale. To this day I consider Martin as a friend and in-country resource I call upon for advice and insights on how to get things done in the DR.


For anyone looking to buy real estate on the North Coast who wants an honest, professional, first-world caliber realtor with a focus on customer care, you need look no further than Juan Perdomo Century 21 and Martin Haase.

Tom Jennings

We will start out with saying that you can't go wrong choosing Anabela and Alexander Nogueira, with Century 21 Juan Perdomo, for your real estate needs.

Seven years ago, while on vacation, we contacted the Century 21 Juan Perdomo office to look at some properties. We ended up buying our first place in Cabarete. The agent we used back then is no longer in the office, but our entire experience was very positive. We bought our first condo pre construction, so had a long relationship with the office that has continued through the years. We rarely have a trip to Sosua that we don't at least drop by to say hello to Pablo, the architect for Century 21 properties. Pablo and the entire staff have always been there for us and all our needs.

Last year we decided to buy a larger condo, and that's when we grew to know Alex and Anabela. They were the listing agents for the condo that we purchased. Initially, we were very impressed with their website and marketing. After the closing on our property, they continued to stay in contact with emails and property updates.

So, when we decided to sell our smaller condo, they were our choice! Turned out to be a great decision for us. They sold our condo in only a week! Also, a word of advice...if you give them an exclusive listing, they will put your property on their website with a slide show to music. It's very professional and something you rarely see on properties in the Dominican Republic.

Anabela and Alex are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Years ago we fell in love with the beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic. A big part of that culture is a relaxed, laid back thought process that goes along with the island life.....BUT, when you are making a major purchase or selling a property, you want someone with their head in the game, no matter where you are. Someone who responds and reacts quickly to your needs, concerns and requests. You need Alex and Anabela. Appropriately calling themselves "The Dream Team", they will help make your dreams come true! They will make you feel comfortable with a property choice and purchase, in what can surely be unfamiliar territory. Anabela and Alex, along with Century 21 Juan Perdomo and Guido Perdomo (with his legal team) make sure everything is done in a manner that always says "professional business". Yes, in the middle of a very relaxed society, you can still get superior customer service! After your purchase, there is plenty of time for relaxation with sand, surf and cocktails!

Andy and Debbie Abbott
Nashville, TN.

Today I received a request to complete a survey that Century 21 is carrying out. It reminded me that I have been wanting to write to Juan Perdomo for some time to tell him how pleased and impressed we have been with the service we have received.

In particular we wanted to let Juan know how much we appreciate the help Alex Leemans has given us. 

We think Alex is an outstanding sales person. And we are hard to impress! My wife was a real estate salesperson in Naples Florida before we moved to England and since moving here 25 years ago we have been working with major multinational companies in advertising and marketing.

Before we ever arrived in DR we contacted a number of estate agents throughout the Caribbean. While most people responded, Alex responded in the most informative and comprehensive way. Before we left London, we knew he was the person we wanted to work with.

When we met Alex in Cabarete he showed us a number of properties. But in addition to showing us properties, he was actually listening to what we said we were looking for. Because he knows how to listen (this is a rare skill), he told us about Bluefish, which was still at the drawing-board stage, and took us to the spot where it was to be built. We fell in love with the setting. 

Alex inspired complete confidence. Because of this we felt warranted in purchasing two apartments in a complex that did not even have architectural drawings to look at. Since returning to London, our confidence in Alex has proved well founded. Not only has he responded to e-mails promptly but has sent us pictures of the Bluefish building and answered the many questions we have had over the past 10 months. 

In short, Alex has done everything he promised and more.

Of course, our expression of appreciation would be incomplete if we did not thank you too, Guido, for making this transaction as easy and worry-free as possible.

Would you please forward this letter - with our warmest thanks - to Juan
and Charlie.

Frank Baughman
London, UK

During my many visits to Sosua I have had the good fortune and great pleasure to work with many people in your office.

I wanted to take a brief moment to express my appreciation and thanks to Martin Haase who, from the moment we met, has done everything possible to make my real estate purchase an enjoyable and professional experience.

Prior to visiting your Sosua office for the first time, I had visited other realtors in the area and was actually considering not investing in the Dominican Republic at all. I did not get a feeling of confidence and reliability from them after my visits and thought perhaps my time and money might be better spent elsewhere.

When I walked into your office and met Martin my negative feelings disappeared. Martin took the time to answer all of my questions and provided valuable insight into the local community that were a key factor in my decision to invest there. Nothing was too much trouble for Martin and to this day he remains the same honest and friendly professional I met that first day. 

I look forward to visiting with him every time I visit Sosua.
Martin Haase is truly a valuable asset to Century 21 Juan Perdomo.

David Hyde

My husband & I were looking for an affordable apartment in Sosua and needed assistance & guidance to find a property prior to our subsequent trip to the area. Joe Ciotti of Century 21 Juan Perdomo provided us with more than simple property information, but also assisted us with making the necessary legal arrangements and much more.

Joe gave us a great deal of information about the property we were interested in and answered numerous questions with the utmost patience and detail. Joe never pushed us, and provided us with honest insight into what the property & others offered; and gave us the confidence & reassurance we needed to move forward on our quest.

We made an offer prior to actually seeing the property in person (which would be considered crazy to most, but Joe was so upfront with everything we needed to know that we felt confident to do so) - and when we arrived, we were absolutely thrilled to see that the property was exactly as he had described. We are more than satisfied with the outcome & would recommend Joe Ciotti & Century 21 Juan Perdomo to anyone looking for property in the Dominican Republic.

We have also made a friend in our dealings with Joe. Even after our purchase, he has not forgotten us and followed-up to ensure all the details of ownership have been taken care of since our return home.

C & G Barker
Vancouver, BC - Canada

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Yenny Cid. We met with Yenny for the purchase of a house and were very impressed with her professionalism. From the beginning, Yenny was extremely helpful and has since maintained the same level of support through our entire experience. Not only did she show us a number of houses that met our requirements, she has been instrumental in ensuring the house we selected meets all our needs.

When we experienced issues with the owner of the house, Yenny stepped in to clear up any misunderstandings and helped us come to a mutual understanding in a short period of time. We believe she has gone above and beyond to ensure our experience was a pleasant one by making herself available at all hours of the day and by constantly providing us with updates.

What we appreciate most is that Yenny was patient and never forceful; she provided us all the information we required and gave us as much time as needed to make informed decisions.

We would like to thank Yenny for the time and effort she has put into assisting us in finding the perfect house for our family.


Greg & Maria Ungureanu
Scarborough, Ont