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Las Terrenas

Pueblo de los Pescadores (Fishermen Village), Las Terrenas

Total Population:

10,865 (2012 Census)

Airport Distance:

30 Minutes from El Catey International Airport in Samaná (AZS)

The charming city of Las Terrenas is made up of a few main streets and the lusciously beautiful 15km/9 mile beach that makes this paradise truly spectacular. Located within the Samaná peninsula, this area has over 30km of pristine beaches. The local residents are a mix of Dominicans and foreigners, each with a historical relationship to the area, whether descendants from the English Slave trade, the Spanish occupation, Taino ancestors or from the most recent influx of French and Italian expatriates. Las Terrenas is truly a melting pot of cultures and its name alone is a statement of this as it came from the French word La Terrienne (The Landowner). A name given during the 17th Century when filibusters called the area La Terrienne, specifically during 1630 to 1693. Few areas have grown in the Dominican Republic faster than Las Terrenas, as indicated by the number of new villas and condominiums in the area.

The natural beauty of Las Terrenas is its most significant asset, as well as that of its surrounding cities, natural parks, beaches and other wonders; Cayo Levantado (Island), Los Haitises National Park, El Limon Waterfall and one marvelous attraction is that of viewing the Humpback Whales from January thru March in the Bay of Samaná.

Humpback Whales in Dominican Republic

When it comes to living, playing, shopping and working in the Las Terrenas, there are many options to consider. Below is a brief list of attractions, neighborhood amenities and services that can assist you when considering real estate options in Las Terrenas for your next villa, commercial property, second home retreat and/or investment option.


General neighborhood amenities & services:

  • 1 Private clinic
  • One public hospital
  • 1 International private school
    (www. ecolefrancaiselasterrenas.com)
  • 2 Schools from pre-school to high school (English and Spanish)
  • 1 School from pre-school to high school (French)
  • 3 Schools from pre-school to high school (Spanish)
  • 1 Mayor supermarket
  • 3+ Banks
  • 15+ Banks:
  • Over 25 international restaurants owned and operated by Dominican and foreign residents all located in and around the Samaná Peninsula. Some of our favorites include:
  • Las Ballenas
  • Baraonda at Alisei Hotel (809-240-5555) - International
  • La Terrenas Town
  • Mi Corazon (809-240-5329) - Gourmet
  • Yucca Caliente (809-240-6634) - Italian
  • Big Dans Café - American
  • Casa Azul (829-383-2215) - Italian
  • Barrio Latino (809-240-6367) - International
  • La Pergola - Fine Dining
  • La Serviette (829-569-2350) - International
  • Troica- Russian
  • Punta Poppy
  • Mojitos - Cuban and American
  • Palapa - Dominican
  • Pizza Coco (809-499-6076) - Italian
  • Porto (809-240-5011) - Fine Dining
  • Playa Bonita
  • Atlantis (809-240-6111) - French
  • Casa Grande (809-240-6349) - Mediterranean,Asiatic and Creole
  • Acaya (809-240-6161) - Dominican
  • Playa Coson
  • The Beach (809-962-7447) - French
  • Casa Coson (809-853-8470) - Seafood & Italian
  • Restaurante Luis - International
  • Navias - German
  • Pueblo de Pescadores/ Fishermen Town
  • La Salsa (809-240-6805) - Italian, French & Dominican
  • Pizza Playa (809-240-6399 ) - Seafood & Italian
  • La Terrasse (809-240-6730) - French & Caribbean
  • El Cayuco - Meats & Seafood
  • Indigo (829-554-5110) - International
  • Mosquito Bar - Bar and Snacks
  • Cuca Marina (809-240-6351) - International


Below is a listing of nearby attractions (as calculated in distance from the city center of Las Terrenas). In addition, we've included a listing of neighboring cities, so that you may explore further the North & East Coast of the Dominican Republic.


Nearby Attractions

Distance in Time & City

El Limon (Waterfall)

20 Minutes (from hiking or mule departure)

Los Haitises National Park

1 Hour

Cayo Levantado Island

45 Minutes

Taino Park

30 Minutes

Samaná Museums: Whale & Shipwreck

30 Minutes

Kaio Natural Aquarium

57 Minutes (Las Galeras)

Humpback Whales

Best time to view: January 15 – March 31

30 Minutes (to port)

Beaches (Around Samaná Peninsula)

10 to 45 Minutes

  • Coson Beach: 6km of beach with restaurants and villas.
  • Jackson Beach: Secluded beach reachable only by boat.
  • La Bonita Beach: 1.5km of beach connected to Coson Beach.
  • Las Ballenas Beach: 2kms long. Home of the "Pueblo de Pescadores/ Fishermen Town"
  • Punta Popi Beach: 6km long and runs thru center of town.
  • Portillo Beach: Continuation of Punta Popi Beach. Popular area for kite surfers.
  • Estillero Beach: Secluded and quiet beach with 3km of beach.
  • El Limon Beach: 2km of Sandy beach.
  • Moron Beach: Isolated beach, very hidden but worth the drive.
  • Las Canas Beach: 1km after Moron beach. Take a 4x4 or quad.
  • Ermitano Beach: Only accessible by boat and consists of three beaches.
  • El Valle Beach: Deserted 1.2kms of beach enclosed by mountains.
  • Rincon Beach: One of the most beautiful beaches in the World. Rated 2nd best beach by Conde Nast Travel Magazine.
  • Colorado Beach: Next to Rincon beach with two areas.
  • Playita Beach: Small beach with several lagoons.
  • Galeras Beach: The main Samaná beach, here you can take water taxis to Playa Rincon, Colorado & Madame.
  • Madame Beach: Secluded beach with caves to explore.
  • Fronton Beach: Surrounded by rocky cliffs and not visited by many tourists.

El Limón Waterfall, Samaná

Cayo Levantado, Samaná

Playa Rincón (Rincon Beach), Samaná

Things To Do & Events

If you love adventures like canyoning, zip lining, cascading, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, horseback riding, surfing, extreme sports in general and you care about the environment… this is the best place to visit in the Caribbean.

  • Cable Car to Isabel de Torres
  • Scuba Diving
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Boating
  • Whale Watching
  • Kite Surfing in Cabarete
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking in the Ocean or Rivers
  • Stand Up Paddle Surfing
  • 4 Wheeling
  • Motor Bike Riding
  • Paragliding
  • Tours & Excursions: Amber mines, rum factory, cigar factory, monuments and much more.
  • Annual festivals like Carnival, Jazz, Gastronomic and much more.
Neighboring City Distance in
Distance in
KM (est.)
Distance in
Miles (est.)
Samaná 30 min 37.8 23
Sosua & Cabarete 2:45 172 106
Capital: Santo Domingo 2:00 147 91